About the President of Epicserve

Brent O'Connor

Brent O'Connor, the president of Epicserve, is a true family man who enjoys his wife and two boys along with serving in his church (Columbia Grove Covenant Church). Brent is originally from Grand Junction, Colorado but since graduating from high school life has taken him to college at Hope International University in Fullerton, CA and then on to college at Manhattan Christian College (MCC) in Manhattan, KS. While at MCC Brent even had the opportunity to work for Walt Disney World on the Walt Disney College Program.

Currently, Brent is living in Wenatchee, Washington where he works as a web developer for the Wenatchee World and is also a freelance developer for his business Epicserve. Brent is always looking for exciting freelance projects, so if you have freelance/contract work or other job opportunities that would be a good fit, please use the contact form to send him further information.

Brent's Favorite Development Tools

About Epicserve

The Name

The name Epicserve is obviously a combination of the words "epic" and "serve". "Epic" symbolizes the kind of websites Epicserve works on as well as symbolizes the kind of work Epicserve does. "Serve" symbolizes how Epicserve likes to work and serve as a part of a team. Even though companies contract Epicserve to work on their website projects, Epicserve's mindset is that they are part of a team, serving together to make epic websites!

The Design

The design for this site was mocked up in Photoshop and then the design was sliced up and then hand crafted and coded into HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Backend / CMS

The backend of this site was developed by Brent using Django/Python. For the CMS/Blog part of the website Brent borrowed and used bits and pieces of code from the Django Basic Apps project.


Epicserve is currently hosted on its own VPS hosted by Linode. If you are in need of your own VPS, then we highly recommend Linode.