Paul Salisbury Painting For Sale

February 12, 2005 | 3:48 p.m. CST
Headin' for the Christmas Hay
Headin' for the Christmas Hay

I received a painting from my dad a couple of months ago. I can appreciate the artistry of it and the artist's skill. However, I'm not really into the genre and subject matter that the painting is about. We don't have room in our house for the painting so I would like to try and sell it, plus we have a baby on the way and need to clear out a room for the baby.

So I thought maybe I would make a post to see if anyone reading my blog or if anyone searching the net for Paul Salisbury paintings would happen to want to buy it from me. If you're interested in the painting just fill out my contact form and make me an offer or ask me any questions you want. It's an origional textured oil painting by Paul Salisbury. It's in a really nice frame and the painting is rather large at 46 3/8" by 36" including the frame. The name of the painting is "Headin' for the Christmas Hay" by Paul Salisbury . I assure you this is not a joke, my father loves me but has no clue what my tastes are. I guess he just assumes I will be into the same stuff he's into.

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Roy Schestowitz
1.   At 10:25 p.m. CST on Feb. 12, 2005, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

There was an episode in Frasier just about that situation.

I suppose your father does not read this blog. When I first saw the painting and before I read the text, my inner thought (honestly) was "wow" (but I guess it's a matter of taste).

Brent O'Connor
2.   At 11:48 p.m. CST on Feb. 12, 2005, Brent O'Connor wrote:


What did you mean exactly by "wow", did you mean wow that looks like a cool painting or wow that looks like a pile of crap on canvas?

Well considering my dad is in jail and is like a 100 years old and probably has only seen computers in the movies I doubt he reads my blog. I'm only exaggerating about his age.

Roy Schestowitz
3.   At 12:25 a.m. CST on Feb. 13, 2005, Roy Schestowitz wrote:


I have been following your site since I read your critique of Thunderbird which I thought was insightful and maybe (just maybe) my opinion on the painting will have an effect on your mind.

I am not an art lover (I am 23 so I might be too young for that), but the open space and pastoral environment did something for me. Since it is not impressionist either I know I would have kept it.

Brent O'Connor
4.   At 3:16 p.m. CST on Feb. 13, 2005, Brent O'Connor wrote:


Yeah, don't get me wrong... I like the painting and I think Paul Salisbury is a talented artist. The only thing I'm not really into is the the subject of cows and pitching hay. I just don't think it fits with the rest of the way we decorate our house. However, I apprishate the subject matter because my wife grew up on a farm and her parents are farmers so I can aprishate what it is saying. I like how it says hard work is good, honest and noble.

I would keep the painting if it wasn't so big or if we had a better place to keep it. It's just right now with our baby on the way, we need to make room for our baby.

Roy Schestowitz
5.   At 9:57 p.m. CST on Feb. 13, 2005, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

For the record, Frasier's dad (Marty) bought him a large drawing of a raging bull.

Robert Nelson
6.   At 10:04 p.m. CST on Feb. 22, 2005, Robert Nelson wrote:

I grew up with two paul salisbury painting in my parents house. I really like his paintings. How much do you want to sell it for?

7.   At 3:54 p.m. CST on March 3, 2005, Michael wrote:

Please tell me if this is a "painting" or is it just a print. Please respond to TreasuresAndArt@aol.com

8.   At 12:00 a.m. CST on March 4, 2005, Dave wrote:

Is this an original oil painting or a print? If seen this painting before on the web.

Please respond.

Thank You, DAVE

Brent O'Connor
9.   At 12:46 a.m. CST on March 4, 2005, Brent O'Connor wrote:

This is an original textured oil painting by Paul Salisbury and not a print.

10.   At 11:13 p.m. CDT on June 13, 2005, Ann wrote:

Dear Brent & Family,

Has the new baby come yet? If so, congratulations, and I wish you some nights of sleep!! I just stumbled across this, looking for any info. on Paul Salisbury. I have 4 prints from Landmark Oil that apparently were given as complimentary advertisements, frameable quality. I have no idea exactly how old they are and would like to find out. Anyway, I do like the genre and subject matter and would love to know how much you would like to unload it for, that is, if you still have it. I see the previous messages are rather old. I have two kids, and probably couldn't afford it anyway, but someday, I would like to burden my son and daughter with some stuff they probably won't want anything to do with either. It is a parent's privilege, don't you think? Best wishes, and email back if you still have the painting.

Fred Hambrecht Sr
11.   At 1:09 p.m. CDT on Sept. 16, 2005, Fred Hambrecht Sr wrote:

Your painting is bringing between $5000 - $6000. Paul is a well known Utah artist and with the resergence in western art, your dad gave you a real gem.

Richard Sheffield
12.   At 1:17 a.m. CST on Feb. 20, 2006, Richard Sheffield wrote:

Have you sold the painting? I would like to make an offer on it.

Brent O'Connor
13.   At 8:18 a.m. CST on Feb. 20, 2006, Brent O'Connor wrote:

No I still haven't sold the painting.

D. Pratt
14.   At 11:39 p.m. CDT on June 10, 2006, D. Pratt wrote:

I'm sure you've sold the painting by now. Please let me know as I'm interested in it.

S Hanson
15.   At 11:57 a.m. CDT on Sept. 3, 2006, S Hanson wrote:

Have you sold this painting? What is the price you have on it?

Brent O'Connor
16.   At 7:44 p.m. CDT on Sept. 3, 2006, Brent O'Connor wrote:

Yes the painting is still for sale.

Meiling Hales
17.   At 8:52 p.m. CDT on Oct. 17, 2006, Meiling Hales wrote:

Is your painting still for sale and what is your asking price?

18.   At 9:12 p.m. CDT on Sept. 9, 2007, teresa wrote:

I am wondering if you have sold this painting? If not, how much are you asking and if so, what did you sell it for?


Debbie Bergeron
19.   At 10:47 p.m. CDT on Sept. 9, 2007, Debbie Bergeron wrote:

I have also inherited a paul salisbury painting that seems to be in unbelievable conditon. I am having the worst time trying to find out the value and I really dont want to sell but I am a single mom and in a really bad situation right now. I dont know if you will get this since its so old but I thought you might have some insight on who to contact since I saw you had some people interested. I am checking with a few galleries but I just want to make sure I dont get ripped off. I would really appreciate any input....... thanks, Debbie

Brent O'Connor
20.   At 11:29 p.m. CDT on Sept. 9, 2007, Brent O'Connor wrote:

Teresa and Debbie, The painting has sold. My dad picked it up and took it to a gallery in Salt Lake and I'm not sure how much it sold for.

Becky Carroll
21.   At 6:41 p.m. CST on Feb. 7, 2008, Becky Carroll wrote:

I am related to Paul Salisbury.....I would be interested in knowing which gallery in Salt Lake City bought it and for how much. I am trying to locate a painting to buy that would allow me to have a painting from everyone on my Salisbury side of the family.

22.   At 7:16 a.m. CST on Feb. 20, 2008, rick wrote:

I would like to buy this painting if still available.

Brent O'Connor
23.   At 10:40 a.m. CDT on May 27, 2008, Brent O'Connor wrote:

My dad took the painting to a gallery in Salt Lake and it sold a while ago.

24.   At 8:09 p.m. CDT on June 14, 2008, MVP wrote:

I am interested in knowing about the painting; I understand it sold. Was it sold on consignment? Do you know bought it or the price paid. I collect Salisbury's; my father commissioned Mr. Salisbury's work. In fact he was one of my father's patients (medical). We have a number of his paintings and I would like to know if this painting may again be available.

Thank you.


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